Rent parking spaces from people like you.

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Find parking when you need it.
Earn money when you don’t.

Pavemint is a community that connects drivers who are looking for parking with residents and businesses who have room to share. Going to the big game? Beat the crowd by reserving your space in advance. Have an extra space on the driveway? Put it to work and start earning extra cash today!

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Your home is an asset you can share and turn into money when you aren’t using it. Your driveway is no different. List your parking space with Pavemint and be rewarded for helping drivers in your city get to their destinations faster. With the Pavemint iOS app and web dashboard anyone can:

List a space in minutes

Easily manage rates, availability and other details

Earn extra money without extra work

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Park with Pavemint

No more circling the block for parking. Now you can simply reserve, arrive and live your life. Book parking weeks in advance or search for available parking on demand. Pavemint makes it easy for you to compare real time prices, user reviews and walk times to find the perfect space for you.

Reserve exclusive spaces in advance

Compare real time prices

Extend time right from your phone

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Make Your City Better

Whenever you cruise the block for parking your car stays busy emitting harmful greenhouse gases. Faster parking not only means less frustration for you, it also means less pollution for your city. Whenever you park with Pavemint or let another driver use your space you are helping to:

Reduce emissions in your city

Decrease street traffic

Build a cooperative community

See how Pavemint helps the environment

Parking–It’s even worse than you thought

You know how frustrating it can be looking for parking. What you might not realize is just how big of an impact it has on the environment. All that circling the block really adds up. Here’s a few facts about the impact of driving in Los Angeles that might surprise you:

30% of city traffic

is caused by drivers circling the block for parking.

5.5B miles

are unnecessarily driven every year looking for parking in LA. That’s equivalent to one person driving for 62,000 years straight.

270M gallons of gas

are wasted every year as a result of inefficient parking in LA. That’s $766 million.

4.2M tons of CO2

are dumped into our air every year because of the way we currently park. That’s 70,000 football fields worth of harmful gases.

18.6M parking spaces

exist in LA today and there are only 5.6 million cars. With so many spaces not available for public use, we aren’t using what we have.

Based on information provided by UCLA, IBM and the Journal of the American Planning Association.

Access from anywhere, anytime.

With the Pavemint Host Dashboard, anyone can easily create and manage listings using any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. iOS users can download the app from the App Store to find and reserve parking as well as create and manage listings.

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