Look around! It’s a very special time of year. The grocery stores are packed with pumpkins and bags of bite-sized candy. Your neighbor has stretched cotton spider webs across his perfectly manicured hedges. It’s a balmy 85 degrees and the abandoned American Apparel stores have been converted into costume shops. Yes, it’s Halloween in LA and…Continue Reading “Halloween Costume Ideas for Planners and Procrastinators”

Well LA, we’re ready to make it official. We’ve been working incredibly hard to build something that will change your life, improve our city, and make the world a better place. We’re excited to announce that Pavemint has officially launched in Los Angeles! But exactly what is Pavemint’s shared parking app? The Problem of Parking As…Continue Reading “The Pavemint Shared Parking App is Officially Here!”

Jim Morrison

We love the rich musical history of Los Angeles just as much as we appreciate its cinematic charm. It’s the birthplace of tons of iconic musical acts, including rock-and-roll legends, The Doors. If you know nothing at all about Jim Morrison and The Doors, you’d at least recognize their greatest hits, like “Light My Fire” and “People…Continue Reading “10 Things About Jim Morrison You Probably Didn’t Know (Unless You’re a Superfan)”