Jim Morrison

We love the rich musical history of Los Angeles just as much as we appreciate its cinematic charm. It’s the birthplace of tons of iconic musical acts, including rock-and-roll legends, The Doors. If you know nothing at all about Jim Morrison and The Doors, you’d at least recognize their greatest hits, like “Light My Fire” and “People…Continue Reading “10 Things About Jim Morrison You Probably Didn’t Know (Unless You’re a Superfan)”

Ah, those old familiar summer heatwaves–can’t live with ’em, wouldn’t be LA without ’em. While summer may be winding down, the sunshine sure isn’t (other than during today’s crazy solar eclipse). And while Southern California has plenty of options to keep people cool, like heading to the beach, catching a movie or attending a pool…Continue Reading “How to Keep Your Car Cooler While it’s Parked”

Summer is drawing to a close and that means it’s time for LA’s favorite DIY festival, Echo Park Rising. There may not be any big name headliners, but LA Weekly named it “LA’s Best Music Festival” last year for exactly that reason. The relaxed anything goes atmosphere is a welcome change from the overly-curated experience of many other festivals…Continue Reading “How to Have the Best Weekend Ever at Echo Park Rising”