10 Ways to Waste Time That Are A Lot More Fun Than Looking for Parking

1. Scroll through bae’s Instagram again…wait, who is @surfer_chic92 and why has she liked so many of his selfies!? Guess you’ll have to lurk her Instagram too. Thank God you parked with Pavemint or else you’d never have time to be this petty.

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2. Memorize the names of all 101 Dalmatians. Patch, Lucky, Cadpig, Roly Poly….you’re going to be soooo popular at parties once you get this down.

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3. How would a “Romantic Half-Up Half-Down Princessy Sweet Sixteen Hairstyle” look on your long-haired dude friend who’s always wearing a hipster bun? There’s only one way to find out: YOUTUBE TUTORIAL, BABY. Now get to experimenting!

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4. Practice picking things up with chopsticks. Get really good at picking up heavy stuff. Invent a chopsticks-centric forearm workout program. Profit.

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5. Pet every dog you pass walking down the street. It’s like stopping to smell the roses, except way better.

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6. Spread a weird rumor at work, then sit back and watch the drama unfold. Here are some suggestions in case you’re having a hard time coming up with devious ideas:

  •    That quiet guy no one has hung out with outside of work is actually a ghost
  •    Your boss doesn’t have knees
  •    There’s a bat in the storage closet
  •    There’s a secret napping nook hidden in the women’s restroom
  •    That intern who’s always sipping out of his coffee thermos? Yeah, he’s actually drinking tequila out of there. So young, such promise, it’s tragic really…
  •    The HR rep used to be a hand model
  •    The speed bump in the parking lot is ACTUALLY hiding the dead body of a former employee

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7. What the heck, why not give Finnegan’s Wake a whirl?

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8. Stare at yourself in the mirror (you know you want to). This could easily take up a quarter of an hour.

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9. Pop bubble wrap! Pop…pop…pop…pop….

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10. Play a prank, everybody loves pranks! Here are some ideas:

  •    Put raw macaroni under the toilet seat, so it’ll sound like it’s breaking when someone sits down on it.
  •    There is a Chrome extension that will allow you to redirect any page. Redirect Google to AskJeeves.
  •    Load the ceiling fan blades with glitter. Then you wait.
  •    Leave a note for your coworker to call back “Mr. Lyon” with a number for the local zoo.
  •    Tape down the sprayer on your kitchen sink, aim it towards your face. Just be sure not to play yourself with this one.
  •    Leave a note on your roommate’s car reading “Sorry about the damage.” They’ll go nuts looking for it.

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