Pavemint and The Community : GreenFest LA

Craving an adventure this Sunday in LA that’s kid-friendly without being an adult snooze? Your wish is our command! Pavemint has teamed up with Mid City West and Theodore Payne Foundation for GreenFest, a FREE community event in Pan Pacific Park!

The festival centers around a neighborhood garden tour of California native, drought tolerant, sustainable and edible plants (yum). The event also features some delicious non-plant food, entertainment, education and family-friendly activities– including an interactive Pavemint art wall where kids, and adult-kids alike, can paint their idea of the perfect park!

So bring your kids, your neighbors, your second-cousins, your best friend’s sister-in-law, and turn our gray parking lot art wall into a park with a super rad array of water-soluble paints!

In honor of our upcoming eco-friendly community art project, here are a few of our favorite sustainable art installations from all over this green and blue globe:


Lives of Grass exhibit by Mathilde Roussel. Made from soil, recycled metal,  wheat seeds and fabric, this rad eco installation was on exhibit in Brooklyn in 2010.


CDSea by Bruce Munro, made from CDs and limestone, was a shimmering mind-melting installation done near Kilmington, England in 2010.


Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen was created using snowshoe prints in Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado in 2012. How the artist succeeded in a feat that would have taken us 10 years, we’ll never know.


Giant fish sculptures made from discarded plastic bottles in Botafogo beach, Rio de Janeiro for Rio+20, The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012.


Jason deCaires Taylor’s incredible marine eco art installation was constructed to be assimilated by the ocean, the art itself transforming into a living coral reef! 


Floral dreamcatcher mandala installation by Whitney Krueger, because everyone loves a good floral arrangement, and this one takes the whole cake!

Feeling inspired yet? Then prepare to feed your inner Rembrandt this Sunday!


Address: 7600 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Hours: 11am-3pm (May 21st)



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