6 Weird and Green Ways to Charge Your Phone

Power to the people! Our phones often feel more like an extra limb than a communication device. They are our documentarians, our music libraries, our means of communication, and our source of photos of goats in trees. They’re so important that we need them charged all the time. The problem is, hunting down an outlet for a midday boost can be difficult. Now, you can always buy a portable charger that you charge at home overnight. But, if you want to take it one step further and join the green revolution, you can be your own generator of electricity. Check out our list of 6 Weird and Green Ways to Charge Your Phone.

1. Go for a run

It’s 6 AM and your alarm just went off. Today is the day you start running in the mornings, right? But wait. You forgot to charge your phone last night. How are you going to get pumped up if you can’t blast the newest Kendrick Lamar? You decide to plug your phone in, sleep more and try again tomorrow. Well, not this time! These new kinetic chargers allow us to harness the energy of our physical movements to generate electricity, so that now we can run our lives while we run our bodies– P.S. Dancing counts too! 


2. Go for a bike ride

You’re on the sofa staring at the standing desk you bought last year after reading some article that linked too much sitting with an increased risk of health problems. But standing… blech. It’s like you’re waiting to be seated for dinner at Night+Market Song in Silverlake, except you’re also working. If only you could do something less boring. Well, don’t worry! Now, you can order a power-generating bicycle for your office that even comes with a desk. Or you can get the DIY Kit and attach it to your own bike. Working from home never felt so good.


3. Soak up some sun

Summertime in LA means six straight months of nothing but sunshine. Isn’t is about time we start using it for more than just our golden tans? You’ve seen houses with solar panels on the roofs, but have you seen sunbathers charging their phones on the beach? You’re about to start. They’re affordable, portable, and green!


4. Use the wind

The Santa Ana winds are supposed to be reserved for fall in Los Angeles, but we know as well as anyone that those winds keep no schedule. With just a few materials, you could harness that energy and build your very own wind-powered charger. Now, rather than groaning and getting the humidifier out of the closet, you can celebrate..and then get the humidifier out of the closet. Not windy? You can make one that attaches to your bike, then create your own wind! Plus, there are people developing water turbine chargers now too. 


5. Jellyfish smoothie?

There is a species of bioluminescent jellyfish living off the coast of Southern California that scientists are literally blending up to create power. They use a mixture of the green fluorescent protein from the jellies, aluminum electrodes, and ultraviolet light to generate power. OK, OK. Maybe this one’s not quite ready to give us a quick charge, but we’re still amazed. The miracle of modern science!


6. Take to the streets

Let’s say it’s Sunday and you’re out and about. Your car is parked safely in an all-day Pavemint parking spot, so you’re free to spend your day spamming everyone’s Instagram feed with updates on your amazing weekend. Need a charge to keep it going? Stop at one of the many public charging stations in Los Angeles. Your followers will thank you!


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