9 Facts That Separate Rams and Chargers Fans

It’s just about that glorious time of year again; football season is upon us. After over two decades of having zero teams to call our own, LA will be home to not just one, but two NFL franchises for the first time: the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. Fans of both franchises might as well start getting cozy with one another, as the teams will be sharing a new $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood, starting in 2019.

While everyone is learning to play nice, here are a few facts about the Rams and Chargers that fans may not know about each other: 


1. Rams fans can actually boast about a pretty long history in LA; the franchise called the city home for a full 48 years from 1946–1994. On the other hand, Chargers fans have a bit of ground to make up, as their team spent only one AFL season in LA (1960) before heading to San Diego.


2. Are you a diehard Rams fan with abandonment issues? Then we have some bad news–it would take you a full 26-hour drive from St. Louis to see your beloved team play in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Chargers fans can bolt up to LA from San Diego in a lightning-fast two hours.


3. Rams fans have experienced three Super Bowls entitled “The Greatest Show on Turf” due to their record-breaking offense. They made it to the Super Bowl in ’76 ‘99 and ‘01, winning the championship in in ’99 against the Tenessee Titans. Chargers fans came oh-so-close in ‘94, but are still holding out for their first Super Bowl title (hopefully they’re not holding their breath).


4. Before the Rams moved to LA, data from Google Trends indicated the franchise was ranked #30 on the most popular NFL teams among Angelenos (out of 32). The Chargers were ranked #3.


5. Rams fans got burned by Peyton Manning’s “All or Nothing” zinger at the 2017 ESPYs. Chargers fans, on the other hand, were embarrassed by their own franchise with its God-awful attempt at a new “LA” logo in January 2017.


6. Rams fans have some true LA icons among their celebrity ranks, featuring the likes of Danny Trejo, Ryan Seacrest, and Terry Crews (who was actually drafted by the Rams in 1991). Chargers fans, meanwhile, have the support of Ariana Grande, Phil Mickelson, and Mario Lopez.


7. Many Rams fans may not know, but the story behind their team name is actually pretty arbitrary. It turns out that “Rams” was the name of their first head coach’s favorite college football team, the Fordham Rams. Don’t get too excited, Chargers fans–your team’s name actually has nothing to do with lightning or electricity. It was inspired by fans yelling “Charge!” after the bugle played at Dodgers and USC games in the late ‘50s.


8. Rams fans have become known for their iconic traditions, such as the “Melonheads,” dating back to the ‘80s. Chargers fans, on the other hand, are known to be some of the worst in the NFL. But let’s be honest – with San Diego’s year-round sunshine for all those years, can we really blame them for being fair-weather fans?


9. Rams fans will have a lot more space while both teams wait two more seasons for the new shared stadium to be built at Hollywood Park. The Coliseum has a capacity of over 93,000, while only about 30,000 fans will be able to fit into Chargers’ temporary home at the StubHub Center in Carson. And, if the LA Times is right, those seats may end up going to fans of visiting teams, with not a Chargers fans in sight.


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