How to Keep Your Car Cooler While it’s Parked

Ah, those old familiar summer heatwaves–can’t live with ’em, wouldn’t be LA without ’em. While summer may be winding down, the sunshine sure isn’t (other than during today’s crazy solar eclipse). And while Southern California has plenty of options to keep people cool, like heading to the beach, catching a movie or attending a pool party, cars generally can’t avoid being victimized by the harsh rays. If you’ve ever gotten into your car and felt like your skin could potentially melt off, you’ve experienced this first-hand. In fact, drivers sometimes endure temperatures as high as 194°F while getting into their parked cars. 🔥

So what’s a summer-lovin’ driver to do? If you can’t use public transport (or teleport) to your destination. Here are a few ways to keep your car cooler while it’s parked.

Keep Car Cooler

Put up a Window Visor
When your car is parked, your windshield acts like a magnifying glass, drastically intensifying the sun’s rays and heating up your car. Want to prevent the rise in temperature? Use a window visor–it’s like sunglasses for your car. To take things a step further, try adding visor shades on each window for the maximum amount of UV protection. It adds a few extra minutes to the process of getting out of your car, but you’ll be happy when you don’t spontaneously combust later.


Cool off Car

Use a Dash Cover
If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, investing in a dash cover is a great option to keep your car cool while it’s parked. They tend to be more stylish than window visors, and, most importantly, they reduce glare and heat by providing UV protection from rays that would otherwise reflect on the dashboard. Over time, an unprotected dash can become dull or cracked when it gets too much sunlight, so this is kiiiiinda important. If those facts aren’t enough, dash mats have also been scientifically proven to improve the performance of a car’s air conditioner (you’re welcome)!


Tips for cooler car

Keep Car Windows Rolled Down
Leaving your windows cracked is a tip to keep your car cooler that won’t cost a thing (just like our love). You see, drastic heat conditions are exacerbated by a lack of proper ventilation, so by keeping your car windows rolled down slightly, you’re giving all that hot air a way to escape.

Want to take things a step further (and into the future)? Invest in a solar-powered fan. With the combination of the fan and the windows rolled down an inch or two, the air circulation will provide you with a manageable temperature.


Cooler Car in Summer

Park in the Shade or a Garage
This one should be obvious, but another way to keep your car cooler while it’s parked is to find a shady location or garage. No parking garages or trees in sight? Pavemint’s got you covered! Oh, and if you do find shade,  just remember to think ahead to where the sun will be after a few hours.


Cool down car

Throw Blankets or Towels Over Your Seats
For a quick fix, throwing blankets or towels over your seats can help with lowering a car’s temperature. It’s also an easy way to avoid getting burned by a boiling hot seatbelt buckle or steering wheel (rejoice!).


To Avoid A Different Kinda Hot Seat, Please Note:
Regardless of which method you use to keep your car cooler while it’s parked, remember to NEVER leave a pet, child or any other living thing in your vehicle. We hope that this one’s obvious because it’s not only incredibly irresponsible, it’s also very, very illegal (not to mention, stupid)!


Have more tips on keeping cars cooler while parked? We want to hear them! Stay cool out there Angelenos. 🕶

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