The Pavemint Shared Parking App is Officially Here!

Well LA, we’re ready to make it official. We’ve been working incredibly hard to build something that will change your life, improve our city, and make the world a better place. We’re excited to announce that Pavemint has officially launched in Los Angeles!

But exactly what is Pavemint’s shared parking app?

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The Problem of Parking

As we know all too well, parking is a serious problem in LA. In fact, Angelenos waste an average of 20 minutes every time they look for parking and Inefficient parking accounts for 30% of city traffic! In addition, the search for parking causes over 4.2 million tons of COemissions annually in LA alone. That’s A LOT.

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But it doesn’t have to be this way. The LA Times recently featured an op-ed revealing the region has 18.6 million parking spaces for only 3.5 million homes. That’s over 3 spaces per vehicle!

The problem is that while street parking is nearly impossible to find in high-demand areas, private lots are chronically underutilized. For example, one LA hotel manager estimated that only 17% of his hotel’s parking is used when the hotel reaches 85 percent occupancy.

The Solution: Pavemint

Pavemint Best Parallel Parking Job Ever

Pavemint is tackling the problem of parking by connecting people who are looking for parking with people who have parking to share. So far, Pavemint has unlocked over 4,000 private spaces near some of the most popular (and congested) areas of LA.

Pavemint makes it possible for Angelenos to find and book parking on demand. We’re helping to alleviate the stress and time wasted from searching for parking, while also reducing traffic and emissions all over our city. Pavemint also allows individuals and businesses to easily monetize their parking spaces whenever they aren’t in use. Everybody wins!

Friends with Benefits

Pavemint Free Parking

To celebrate our coming-out to the world, we are offering you and your friends FREE PARKING with Pavemint! If for some reason you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do it now! Then use coupon code “PARALLEL” to get your first reservation FREE up to $20.

Let’s Get Down to the Visuals

Here is a more detailed look at how Pavemint helps drivers and residents, with Pavemint’s Product video:


Want some more info? Check out our press release!


Find Parking When You Need It.
Earn Money When You Don’t.