How to be the Best Pavemint Host: Tips for Success

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At Pavemint, we want to revolutionize the way people park and reduce our carbon footprint. We want to empower people to use the resources available to them to make the world a better place. Whether fresh and new or tried and true, we want to help all of our Pavemint Hosts become successful micro-entrepreneurs.

You might know that having 24-Hour Availability and Auto-Accept enabled are the two best ways to up your reservations, but for some Hosts, that’s just not possible. So what do the rest of us do? This guide is full of tips that every Pavemint Host can use to succeed, and start bringing in the cash this year. Just think about it: if you start now, you’ll have the entirety of 2018 to pad your pockets with all that extra income. Here’s to you!

Set Up Your Payout Method

The first step toward success as a Pavemint Host is double-checking that you’ve set up your Payout Method. This is how you receive your earnings, so it’s really important. In fact, your listing will not be available for reservations until it’s good to go. You can do it either by linking a bank account to receive direct deposits or with Venmo (Venmo is a secure payment app owned by PayPal that allows you to send and receive money through your phone). So what’s the difference between linking your bank account and using Venmo? They’re both easy and secure; it’s just a matter of preference.

With direct deposit, once the funds are released from Pavemint, you can expect to see them in your bank account in 5 – 7 days. With Venmo, once the funds are released, you can expect to see them in your Venmo account in 4 – 6 days. Also, keep in mind that transferring your earnings from Venmo to your bank account will take additional time. 

Pavemint Host

Verify Your Address

The safety and security of our users is our top priority, which is why we’ve implemented Address Verification. If you’re a Guest, it ensures that you’re always allowed to park in the space that you’ve reserved. From the Hosting side, Address Verification makes sure no one can make money off of a space that isn’t theirs. So how do you know if your listing is verified? The answer is simple: in your account, you’ll see a blue check mark next to your listing if it’s verified.

If your listing is not verified, what can you do? The easiest way to verify is with your credit card. It’s 100% secure and we don’t store your information. If that’s not possible, you can have a postcard with a code mailed to your listing address. If neither of these methods works for you, reach out to our Customer Support Team and they’ll help you find the best way to verify! 

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Update Your Info

Having a good Listing Description and clear Access Instructions is paramount to being a good Pavemint Host. Your Listing Description is the first thing Guests browsing for parking see, so make sure it really sells your space. If you can, try to be fun and informative. What makes your space special? Once you’ve written your Listing Description, focus on giving detailed Access Instructions. Remember, only Guests with an approved reservation can see your Access Instructions, so the more specific you can be, the better. Make it easy on them! Go step by step. Assume they know nothing. After all, you want them to have a seamless parking experience and leave you a five-star review!

Add Photos

The default photo for every listing on Pavemint is a Google Maps image, but sometimes that image doesn’t give quite enough info. Add more photos for clarity. You can even mark up your additional photos with more specific instructions. Now, look at the area around your parking space. Is there something physical you can tell Guests to look for in your Access Instructions? Add a photo of it! Imagine how much easier it will be for your Guests if they know that the space they’re looking for is the one closest to the tree, and then they see a picture of that tree! 

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Get to Know Your Listing Calendar

Did you know that once your listing is active, you can adjust its availability, price and rate type for specific days? Let’s say your mom is driving into town from Palm Springs to stay with you for a week, and she’s planning on parking her car in your space. All you have to do is go to your Listing Calendar, select the dates of her visit, and click “Snooze Listing.” This takes your space off the market during those dates so that Mom always has a place to park.

What else is this good for? Well, let’s say your listing is right next to Los Globos in Silver Lake. You know that on January 23rd, Los Globos hosts The Moth StorySLAM, so you go to your Listing Calendar and change January 23rd to an $8 flat-rate price, and make sure your space is available until at least 11:30 PM. 

Lower Your Price

Do you need a little something to make your first reservation happen? Try lowering your price until you get a few reviews. You don’t have to keep your listing at that price forever, but Guests are much more likely to park in a space with multiple five-star reviews than in one with no reviews. Once you get those first reservations, you can try bringing your price back up slightly. However, if you notice that your reservations slow down again, you may be charging a bit too much. Check around your neighborhood to see what your competition is charging, including other Pavemint spaces, lots and meters. Think about what you would pay to park in a space like yours. You can adjust your price at any time, so feel free to play around until you find the sweet spot. 

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Use the App

OK, OK. This might sound like a no-brainer, but if you have an iPhone and you haven’t downloaded the Pavemint app, do it now! And set up automatic updates so you always have the latest version. If you don’t know how to do that, here are some simple instructions. Also, make sure you have push notifications enabled. If you opted out of notifications when you first downloaded the app, you can go to your Settings and change it. With push notifications, we can let you know when someone reserves your space or sends you a message. If you’re a Pavemint Host with Auto-Accept turned off, you should definitely have push notifications turned on so that you never miss an opportunity to make money!

Engage With Your Guests

If you have a listing that requires you to approve reservations, make sure you’re always ready to approve or decline requests. Another really great way to make your Guests feel comfortable with their reservation is to shoot them a quick message. Something as simple as, “Thanks for booking my space! Please message me with any questions!” can put potential Guests at ease and is a good way to get a five-star review. This is an especially helpful tool if you have Auto-Accept turned on. This way, Guests know that when they get to their parking space, everything will go exactly as planned. Remember, Pavemint is a brand new idea. Their reservation with you might be their first experience with peer-to-peer shared parking, so try and make it a good one! 

Have more questions? Check out our Hosting FAQs or reach out to our Customer Support Team at for more information!

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