The Best Gay Bars in LA to Show Your Pride All Year

gay bars

Most major cities have a neighborhood or two with the best gay bars. Every June, millions of people around the globe join together in celebration of Gay Pride at many of those places, not to mention the parades, festivals and parties. You’ve probably seen photos of the huge celebrations in metropolitan hubs like London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Naturally, Los Angeles is no exception. 

Even though June is over and the parades and festivities are coming to an end, it doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating! New York travel company AllTheRooms has put together this handy list for where to find the best gay bars and clubs in Los Angeles so that you can show your pride year round. After all, who really wants the party to stop?

The Abbey

This iconic LA establishment has been annually voted as one of the area’s best gay bars. So if you see a long line in West Hollywood over the weekend, you’ll know you’re in the right place. The once-humble coffee house now consists of four bars with a reputation that attracts tourists and locals alike. The drinks are known to be pricey, but once you have your strong cocktail in hand, you can relax in a cabana and take in the Gothic Mediterranean surroundings. You’ll soon forget all about the cost and just soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

gay bars
Photo courtesy of The Abbey Food & Bar, Facebook

Oil Can Harry’s

The first stop on a night out in the Valley should definitely be Oil Can Harry’s. With 2018 marking the 50th anniversary of its opening, the bar’s legacy in LA is well-known as one of the best Country Western bars around. There’s no doubt the open, inclusive atmosphere and half-price drink specials throughout the week keep the regulars coming back. So put on your cowboy hat, step inside and witness the spectacle of line-dancers dominating the floor. What’s not to love?

gay bars
Photo courtesy of Time Out LA

Bar Mattachine

With friendly bouncers and no long lines, this classy Downtown cocktail bar is a great place to begin your night. The relaxing lounge is great for handcrafted cocktails and Instagram-worthy selfies. Order a Harry Hay, their take on an Old Fashioned or an Indian Summer, a refreshing drink made with tequila, agave, watermelon, lime, and jalapeño. Despite fast-becoming a hangout for hip Downtown types, Bar Mattachine has plenty of space and still oozes relaxation and class. It’s a place where anyone, gay or straight, can come after work to get lost in conversation and hand-crafted cocktails.

gay bars
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy of LA Eater


If you’re on the East Side and looking for a good time, we suggest Akbar in Silver Lake. The retro-style lounge is a mainstay for the area’s LGBTQ+ and alternative hipsters. In the backroom, you can find comedy performances, adult-themed trivia, open mic nights and special DJ sets. In the front, you can wedge yourself into the bar line to grab a drink or two and dance the night away to your favorite tunes.

gay bars

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