Not All Heroes Own Lots: Host Spotlight on Kylie in WeHo

Host Spotlight

Here at Pavemint, we love to show our appreciation for all the different people that make Pavemint possible. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind Host with an amazing space in West Hollywood or a helpful Guest with insider tips on how to get the most out of the platform, we believe that sharing is caring! So we caught up with one of our amazing West Hollywood Hosts, Kylie, to talk to her about LA, parking, and, of course, Pavemint!

How did you hear about Pavemint?

Through a friend when we were commiserating over how hard it can be to find parking in LA.

Ugh. Don’t we know it! Everyone should check out our cheat sheet for Parking in LA to learn the best tricks.

Do you own a car? 


You mean that you can own a car and still be a Pavemint Host? Duh!

Host Spotlight

Where is the worst place to park in LA?

Pretty much everywhere. West Hollywood, Venice, and Downtown are particularly tough.

We know it’s a struggle out there! The good news is that you can use Pavemint to park in WeHo and Venice. We’re working on Downtown!

Do you participate in the sharing economy in other ways?

Yes! All about Airbnb and Lyft.

We love those too! In fact, Susan Carpenter compared us to Airbnb in her piece for NPR.

What is your favorite neighborhood in LA?

I might be biased because I live here, but West Hollywood. Silver Lake is a close second.

Agreed! Also on our list: Venice, Santa Monica, Atwater Village and Hollywood. But we might be biased because we have great parking there!

Host Spotlight

What’s your funniest parking story? 

While bragging to a friend about how awesome it is to have a backup cam, I actually backed up into a car I missed in the camera’s blind spot.

Oof. True irony. We’ve been there!

What advice would you give to a new Pavemint Host?

Be responsive on the app!  It’s important to get back to your reservations if they have questions.

Great advice! For more on how to be a great Host, check out our tips for success.

What is your favorite thing about Pavemint?

I like having an easy, affordable parking option throughout different neighborhoods.

That’s one of our favorites too. But we especially love getting to know amazing Angelenos like you!

Host Spotlight

If you’re around West Hollywood, getting fed good food at Urth Caffe, shopping at Rag and Bone or Restoration Hardware or enjoying the beautiful view from E.P. & L.P., know that thanks to Kylie, Pavemint has your parking figured out!

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