The Pavemint Calendar: Set It and Forget It

pavemint calendar

With the holidays officially over and 2019 in full swing, there’s no better time to get organized. Make the most out of what this year has to offer! For all you busy Hosts, Pavemint makes managing your spaces easy with your listing calendar. So while you’re planning out your year, set your calendar up for success and let us handle the rest.

Pavemint Calendar Basics

If you’re new to using the Pavemint calendar, you might be unsure where to find it or how it works. Here’s a quick overview: when on the Manage Listings page, look for a blue calendar icon. When you click on this, you’ll see your month overview. From there, you can select one or more dates at a time and edit them. Using the Pavemint calendar, you can easily change the number of spaces, availability, and pricing of your listing to fit your needs for those days. If you need to edit your description or instructions, we recommend making a second listing instead.

pavemint calendar

Snooze It or Lose It

Did you just receive an invitation to your cousin’s wedding in New York this summer? Maybe your Aunt Esther is coming to stay with you while she tries to get cast on The Price is Right? Either way, you know that your parking space isn’t going to be available for a little while. No worries, we have you covered! Using the Pavemint calendar, highlight the dates you know your space is unavailable and toggle the Snooze listing button on. This way, as soon as you know about schedule changes, you can easily block off those dates so you don’t have to worry about it when the time comes.

pavemint calendar

Go, Team!

Living in LA, there’s always something going on. Whether you live by the Coliseum, Dodger Stadium, or even Dignity Health Sports Park, you can maximize your listing potential by changing your price and availability based on events. If you know there’s a big game next Sunday and you want to raise your price for that day, don’t wait until it’s too late! Use the Pavemint calendar and make your price competitive so you can earn the most money during each event. It might come in handy if LA ends up hosting both championship games this season!

pavemint calendar

Making the Most

If you’re still a little confused by the Pavemint calendar, you can check out this video for a more detailed walk-through. Don’t stress about making temporary changes and remembering to change them back. And don’t worry about missing important events! Use the Pavemint calendar to make easy changes to as many dates as you want. Here’s to maximizing your listing potential and earning the most with your space this 2019!

pavemint calendar

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