Parking Facts and Solutions for the Eco-Conscious Driver

eco-friendly parking facts

Have you ever experienced road rage while looking for a parking space? Perhaps you even missed an appointment or decided to stay home because of parking issues. Well, you’re not alone! In fact, nearly 25% of motorists admit to having these problems. Read on for parking facts and solutions to help improve your mindset and the environment.

It’s Frustrating

Finding a parking space can often be one of the more aggravating tasks involved with driving, especially in a metropolitan city where spaces are limited. On top of the frustration, there’s the added negative impacts on our environment. Here’s an interesting parking fact: a recent study conducted by INRIX, a leader in traffic data analytics, reported that the average American spends 17 hours per year searching for parking. This adds up to over $350 in wasted time and fuel!

traffic parking facts

It’s Bad for the Planet

Driving around and searching for parking contributes to greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Pollutants like these have immediate and long-lasting effects on the environment, including air quality and the ozone layer. Both the environment and our health are at risk due to increased fuel emissions from wasteful parking searches. With so many vehicles already contributing to pollution during commutes, finding ways to park smarter is a great solution.

eco-friendly parking facts

You Can Make a Difference!

In addition to booking parking in advance or on demand with Pavemint, there are a variety of simple yet proactive measures anyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether it’s being more strategic about how you travel, opting to walk farther in exchange for wasting less fuel or just turning off your car when idling, these seemingly small steps can create a more sustainable world. Many people disregard eco-friendly habits because it’s hard to envision the true impact. But every single effort–no matter how small–gives the Earth a brighter future. The following infographic highlights some parking facts and eco-friendly tips to implement the next time you hit the road!

parking facts

This post was written in collaboration with Westfalia Parking–a leading supplier of automated parking systems worldwide through cutting-edge, time-tested equipment, service and customer success.

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