Your First Pavemint Reservation

Maybe you heard about Pavemint through a friend or saw an ad on Instagram. Maybe you’ve got tickets to attend one of our partnered events. Whichever path led you to Pavemint, we are grateful to have you here! You can use Pavemint through our iOS app, on your desktop, and through our mobile Pavemint website, and we want to make sure that your first Pavemint reservation goes smoothly.

Before Your First Pavemint Reservation

There are a few things to keep in mind before you book your first Pavemint space. First of all, try to reserve it in advance. Similar to booking a hotel stay or a flight, the sooner you reserve your space, the more options you have. Makes sense, right? Once you’ve found the space you want, check out the listing’s features. Some spaces have a lightning bolt icon, meaning you can reserve it instantly. Finally, before you tap that reserve button, think about the car you’ll be driving. Is it big or small? All Pavemint spaces are unique, so if you know that you’ll be driving a larger vehicle, you should filter your search by space size to make sure you find the right space for you.

your first pavemint reservation at a blue garage

Reserving Your Pavemint Space

Once you’ve chosen the perfect space, it’s time to reserve. The booking process looks a little different depending on if you’re making your reservation using our iOS app or website, but both are intuitive and easy to navigate. Using the app, you’ll follow the normal checkout flow and receive confirmation and updates via text, email and push. Using the website, the checkout flow is similar, but you also have the option to check out as a Guest so that you can still reserve your space using only your email. Your reservation details will be sent to you via email. Even if you decide to use Guest checkout, we recommend creating a Pavemint account so that you’re able to quickly access your reservation, make changes and message your Host.

your first pavemint reservation at the beach

Arrive and Park

Congratulations! You’ve just made your first Pavemint reservation and it’s time to park. You can arrive any time after the start of your reservation, but if you need the Host to grant you access (such as with a gated listing), make sure you coordinate your arrival time. After you arrive, your Host will either show you where to park or you’ll follow the instructions or pictures in the listing’s details for guidance. If you’re unsure which space is yours, ask! Your Host and Pavemint’s Customer Care Team are happy to help and make sure you’re parked in the proper space.

your first pavemint reservation in a yellow honda

Checking Out

You’ve had an amazing time while your car was safe in its Pavemint parking space, and now it’s time to go home. Similar to when you arrive, if your space requires you to coordinate departure with your Host, make sure you do that. If there’s no need, you’re free to leave the space any time before your reservation ends. Think you’re going to be staying longer? You can almost always extend your reservation within the app, just as long as the listing is available. If you decide to leave early, you can also end the reservation early within the app. For short-term bookings, you won’t receive any refund, but for long-term, you could get some money back depending on how early you ended. Check out our FAQ post for more about this. Once you pull out of your space, that’s it! You’ve just had your first Pavemint reservation. Rate and review your Host, and have an awesome day!


For more any other questions you have about Pavemint, check out our FAQ page. For more content from us, check out our last blog post: Parking Facts and Solutions for the Eco-Conscious Driver.

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