The Best Apps to Use With the Pavemint App

pavemint app

Pavemint already is a great way to earn some side cash for Hosts and to avoid the hassle of looking for parking for Guests, but did you know that there are other great apps that you can use with the Pavemint app for an even better experience?


Pavemint app

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you know that Airbnb is a marketplace that lets people rent out anything from rooms in their home to their entire house. Pavemint works perfectly in tandem with Airbnb Hosts in hard-to-park areas by giving Hosts another chance to earn money, even when they don’t have an Airbnb reservation. Hosts can use the Pavemint Calendar to snooze their space when they have Airbnb Guests and keep it active the rest of the time!


Pavemint app

Just in the past year, electronic scooters like Bird and Lime have become ubiquitous in urban areas. For Pavemint users, hopping on an e-scooter is a great way to travel that last mile. Going to spend a day in Venice or seeing a show on the Sunset Strip? The closer you park, the higher the price. Instead of paying top dollar for the closest spot, use the Pavemint app to reserve a space that’s farther away, then hop on an e-scooter and arrive in no time at all. 


Pavemint app

Another great service to use with Pavemint? Ridesharing! We know that scootering is not for everyone, especially if you’re trying to get to LAX with luggage. Taking a Lyft or Uber from your home to LAX can be really expensive, especially if you live somewhere like Glendale or Orange County. It’s super easy to use the Pavemint app to reserve a cheap space near the airport, then get a quick rideshare to your terminal! 


Want to keep reading? Check out our last post for Eco-Conscious Drivers and let us know if you can think of any other apps that would work well with Pavemint!

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