7 Great Restaurants with Pavemint Parking in Venice

restaurant parking in venice

Over the past 20 years, Venice has gone from Boho to Bourgeois. And parking in Venice has gone from relatively painless to downright excruciating. Dogtown is the perfect place for a relaxing day at the beach, a serious shopping spree on Abbot-Kinney, a romantic stroll through picturesque canals or out-of-this-world dining experience. Don’t let the stress of parking in Venice keep you from enjoying this amazing and historic LA neighborhood! Read on for our favorite restaurants with Pavemint parking in Venice.

Hinano Cafe

Hinano Cafe might look like your typical dive bar, but inside you’ll find one of the best burgers in Los Angeles. There’s a great daily happy hour (4 PM to 8 PM), free popcorn and pool tables. Established in 1962, this bar/restaurant has seen Venice from the days when you could rent a rundown single on the beach for $100 a month, to last year’s sale of a $14.6 million dollar mansion last year. P.S. You might feel a little dejá vu when you’re waiting for your burger. Hinano has appeared on shows like Dexter and NCIS: Los Angeles. Cash only!

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Our first tip for enjoying the mouth-watering food at Gjusta? Avoid the lunch rush on Fridays and weekends unless you’re prepared to wait a while. Another trick? Order ahead and take your food to go! You can also settle for a later lunch, after 2 PM. If you’re wondering about the food, think of the nicest deli or bakery you’ve ever been into. Now, think of one that’s even better. And finally, think of one that’s even better than that. OK, now you’re at Gjusta. There’s a case of smoked fish and charcuterie, another of house-made pastries like baklava croissants and fresh-baked cakes and pies, and another with constantly-changing salads and slices of pizza. Trust us, the sandwiches are some of the best in all of Los Angeles.

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Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude has as much of a reputation for its delicious omnivore-approved vegan food as it does for its new-age menu. If you’ve never been to one of their four locations (Arts District, Larchmont and San Diego in addition to Venice), it’s worth a trip, even if you’re less than enthusiastic about vegan cuisine. You can order by stating the self-affirming dish names to your server, like “I Am Grateful” (a quinoa/kale bowl with garlic tahini sauce) or “I Am Warm-Hearted” (grilled polenta served with braised summer squash), or you can simply state the type of bowl. The portions are generous and all the ingredients are organic. Expect to leave fully satisfied, both physically and spiritually.

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It’s not hard to believe how tough it is to get a table at chef Evan Funke’s Felix. The critically-acclaimed Italian trattoria whips up some of the best house-made pasta in LA. The dining room centers around a glassed-in, climate-controlled pasta laboratory where you can see your pasta come to life before your eyes. If you manage to get in, try to make it early in the evening. The sfincione focaccia is a dream and has made it into every Felix review, including Salon. They make their pizza dough in house and offer a rotating selection of ten kinds of pasta, so you can rest assured that the remainder of the menu is excellent as well. 

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Just down the street from Felix, Neighbor offers a well-curated new American menu. The food is good, but Neighbor best serves as a casual spot to grab a craft cocktail, order small bites and hang with friends. The atmosphere is homey, giving the feeling of relaxing in your trendy friend’s living room with happy plants and velvet pillows, rather than a restaurant. DJ Morse Code is the Music Director who curates all the tunes, so you can enjoy sensations fit both for your tastebuds and your ears.

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Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar

Formerly based in Hollywood, this late-night breakfast-themed restaurant is back and better than ever. On Friday and Saturday nights, you can order upgraded breakfast fare like Benedict fries and duck confit hash until midnight, and on other nights until 10. The cocktails are breakfast-themed too, with spiked cereal milk (Cinnamon Toast Crunch and spiced rum), Tang mimosas, alcoholic coffee drinks and even a Bành Michelada served with an MSG salt shaker.

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Scopa Italian Roots

If you’re a lover of Italian food and looking for a place to spend your hard-earned money, look no further than Scopa. Opened by the team behind Harvard & Stone and Pour Vous, Scopa boasts an impressive menu with a fine dining version of almost any classic Italian-American dish you can think of. With so much to choose from and prices that match their reputation, it’s smart to go in family style on their beautiful appetizers.

Our favorite part of this classy Italian eatery is the secret cocktail bar, Old Lightning, hidden behind it, which you might remember from our post about the Best Hidden Bars in LA. Just make sure you ask your server at dinner or email ahead for reservations. You’ll also want to dress up a bit if you want to get in. With just enough room for 25 people, this secret bar has a collection of rare liquors and customized craft cocktails made just for you.

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When you head out to one of these amazing restaurants, don’t waste time looking for parking in Venice! Use Pavemint to book your space so you can focus on enjoying your dinner. With Pavemint providing your parking in Venice, expect to Arrive Happier.

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