Your Pavemint Payout Method

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For most Hosts, getting paid is the most fun and the most important part of their Pavemint experience. But many also wonder how it actually works. Read on for an in-depth look at how to update your Pavemint payout method and also what it means if your payout method is rejected. 

Adding a Pavemint Payout Method 

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When you first create your listing, the process ends with the payout method page. We ask if you prefer to have your money sent to a Venmo account (because we’re millennials, of course) or deposited directly into your bank account. You can choose one or the other, whichever you prefer. If somewhere down the line, you decide to switch from Venmo to your bank account or vice versa, you can do this easily from your Wallet. You can find this by going to Settings on the web app or More on the iOS app. From there you’ll see Payment Method (how to pay) and Payout Method (how to get paid). From there, you know the drill. 

Setting Your Default

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Once you’ve added your new payout method, there’s only one step left: setting it as your primary payout method. On iOS, click on the payout you want to use and then click Set Default. On the website, click the three grey bars to the left of the account you want to use and drag it to the top of the list. Once that’s done, you can either delete your other payout method or save it for a rainy day.

Fixing a Rejected Payout Method

We know that rejection is hard. But don’t worry! A rejected payout method from Pavemint is way less ominous than it sounds. It’s also usually pretty easy to fix. Why might a Pavemint payout be rejected? The most common reason is that you entered an initial instead of your last name when you created your account. We take privacy very seriously at Pavemint, so your last name is never visible to other users. It is required to get paid, though! You can fix this by going to your Pavemint profile and updating your name. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the activity may have been flagged by your bank. In this case, we’ll need a valid photo ID to make sure you’re you. No matter the case, our Customer Care team is always happy to help!

If you have any other questions or concerns about your Pavemint payout methods, you can always contact us at or check out our FAQs on getting paid!

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