The Different Types of Pavemint Hosts

You might have an empty driveway or an extra space in your apartment complex, you could be a small business owner with six spaces, or a corporate manager responsible for an indoor garage with 1,000 spaces. Wherever you fall on the Pavemint Host spectrum, we value your contribution to the Pavemint community! Depending on your location, availability and even preferences, there might be one style of Hosting that fits you perfectly. To find out which fits you best, read on for some examples of different types of Pavemint Hosts!

Hosts Near Venues

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While these Pavemint Hosts don’t usually receive reservations 24/7, their spaces are in high demand and can earn a lot of money. On-site venue parking is often expensive and inconvenient. There is always slow exit traffic and sometimes even stacked parking, plus no other option than to pay cash. Pavemint offers a much smoother experience, which means that even though reservations are less frequent, Pavemint Hosts are still likely to earn good money. This time of year, Dodger Stadium and the Hollywood Bowl are two venues that have the potential to bring in a lot of reservations. 

Long-Term Pavemint Hosts

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Many long-term Pavemint Hosts are located near airports. Some have been renting out their parking to travelers for years. Other Hosts have plenty of parking to share and 24/7 availability. Long-term Hosts can be located just about anywhere parking is scarce. If street parking is scarce in your neighborhood, consider using Pavemint to rent out your space to other locals. Not only are you being a good neighbor, but you’re also bringing in steady Pavemint income. 

Hosts in High-Traffic Areas

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Like most major cities, looking for parking in many LA neighborhoods is tough and even confusing. If you’ve ever gone out for a day of shopping on Melrose or Abbot-Kinney, you know first-hand the struggle is real. Many people circle the block looking for street parking, risk a ticket in restricted parking zones or shell out the big bucks for valet. Pavemint Hosts in neighborhoods like these are likely to receive short-term reservations consistently throughout the year. These reservations may be for a smaller payout, but what they lack in price, they make up for in frequency.

Whatever kind of Pavemint Host you are, we built this platform for you! Check out our previous posts on the Pavemint Calendar and Pricing Your Pavemint Space to learn more about how to customize Pavemint to fit your needs.

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