The Different Types of Pavemint Guests

pavemint guests

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about some of the different types of Hosts that use Pavemint to earn extra money. Just like them, Pavemint Guests are unique too! This week, we’re going to break down a few of the different kinds of people that use Pavemint to improve the air quality in their city and, of course, Arrive Happier.


Pavemint Guests

Many Pavemint Guests are first introduced to Pavemint through one of our partnered events. In the past, we’ve joined forces with bands like The National and Tenacious D to provide their fans with discounted parking at their LA concerts. Last year, we also offered on-site parking to people attending screenings at Rooftop Cinema Club NeueHouse. In addition to the amazing events we partner with, we also have parking by the Forum and the Coliseum, as well as many historic venues along the Sunset Strip. Next time you’re headed to a concert, play or sporting event, try booking your space with Pavemint!


Pavemint Guests

Did you know that you can reserve parking up to a year in advance with Pavemint? We know that you probably don’t need to plan quite that far ahead, but whether it’s a week, month, or six months away, you can book your space as soon as you know your plans. A perfect time to reserve in advance is when you’re flying out of LAX. Reserving your parking space when you buy your plane ticket makes traveling way less stressful! Another great time for reserving in advance? Weekends at the beach. Parking can be tough during the hot summer months, but with Pavemint, you know that you won’t have to circle the block or pay outrageous prices for beach lots.

In the Moment Guests

Pavemint Guests

On the other end of the spectrum are the Pavemint Guests who live in the moment. These Guests are usually looking for parking the day or even the moment that they need it. The types of spaces these Guests usually go for are called Auto-Accept listings. These are spaces that are available to reserve without approval from the Host. Look for the lightning bolt icon to signal a listing can be booked instantly. We support your spontaneity!

Just like Hosting, Pavemint Guests come in many shapes in sizes. For tips on making your first reservation, check out our previous blog post.

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