6 Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted the Parking Industry

November 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in major changes in practically every industry. Parking is no exception. In fact, every day-to-day experience and activity is different, for better or worse, as we share in this time together. As various industries have been forced to adjust to this new way of life, we center our focus today on the parking industry. Below, we outline 6 ways that COVID-19 is affecting the parking industry. 

The Negatives

  1. There are substantially fewer events occurring. This includes concerts, shows, games, etc., which has led to less parking. As the majority of us stay inside, we all have to avoid going out. This lack of going out simply means a lack of parking.
  2. There are currently fewer attendant and valet jobs, which has a negative impact on the parking economy. As many of those employed in the parking space have been laid off and/or furloughed, jobs have declined dramatically.
  3. There are fewer parking spots available due to folks not leaving their normally occupied parking spaces. This is something that we have witnessed firsthand at Pavemint. Typically available parking spaces are sparse as commuters have been working from home and the population has been forced into the homebody realm.

The Positives:

  1. There are fewer rideshare and carpooling scenarios, which has reduced the spread of germs. While this has impacted the rideshare community negatively, it has also statistically cut down the number of COVID cases.
  2. We have seen a rise in self-parking and therefore fewer interactions with attendants and valets which has automated the entire parking process and made it faster, more efficient, and smoother across the board.
  3. There are fewer parking-related accidents occurring. While standard transit accidents have remained, we have witnessed a sharp decline in the number of parking-specific accidents.

What changes have you seen in the parking industry as a result of COVID-19? Let us know, and most importantly, stay safe out there while parking and otherwise.

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