Addressing the Need for Smart Parking at Event Venues

March 28, 2022

As events continue to grow in popularity, so does the need for more flexible, efficient parking. This article discusses how technology can help streamline event parking.

It is no secret that parking is one of the primary headaches for people attending events. From music festivals to street fairs to large-scale conferences, searching for a parking spot can take up valuable time that guests could spend enjoying the event.

Fortunately, parking technology has come a long way in recent years with the use of intelligent parking systems. Data analytics software, end-user apps, cameras, and sensors can help make the parking experience easier for drivers, parking attendants and lot owners.

If you have been struggling to offer adequate parking for events, read on for three examples on how intelligent parking solutions can reinvent the parking experience for your event attendees.

Smart parking technologies improve the customer experience in several compelling ways. Some of these include:

  • Parking space visibility: Smart parking systems can facilitate the real-time monitoring of parking facilities. When interfaced with end-user platforms, these solutions can inform motorists of vacant spots well before entering a venue.
  • Contactless payments: Many innovative parking solutions offer pre-paid and contactless payment options that eliminate the need to wait at ticketing stations, making the parking process quicker and more convenient.
  • Parking reservations: Comprehensive smart parking solutions provide pre-booking services through web-based or mobile platforms. With Pavemint, for instance, event attendees can use the app to pick their desired parking lot, schedule their stay, pay electronically, and get a QR parking pass right from their smartphone.

Parking woes in many events merely stem from insufficient parking spaces. Thankfully, digital solutions exist to help you link your venue to nearby parking facilities and create a more integrated parking network. With just their smartphones, drivers can see which parking spaces are empty in any of your connected facilities and the best routes to the spots.

Moreover, with the ideal custom solution, you can include these additional parking lots in your traffic and security monitoring system to get a more holistic view of your event's parking landscape.

Besides handling parking operations, intelligent parking systems can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and trends. The most sought-after parking solutions come with advanced analytics capabilities, which enable them to generate detailed reports on critical parking aspects.

By tracking car movements, occupancy rates, payments, and other metrics, these solutions can improve your understanding of essential factors, such as popular parking times and spots, bottlenecks causing gridlock and delays, and the most preferred payment options. With advanced reporting, you can fine-tune your parking operations to deliver a better experience and maximize revenue.

As a leader in the intelligent parking segment, Pavemint aims to nurture better communities with flexible parking solutions.

Some of Pavemint's top products for event parking include the Pavemint parking reservation app--which allows attendees to pre-book their parking space--and Self Park, which allows event-goers to pay for parking onsite instantly by scanning a QR code. Additionally, Pavemint's Attendant and Enforcement tools allow event staff to quickly check in drivers and enforce specific lots.

If your venue has limited parking spaces, you can leverage Pavemint's Parking Networks to connect with other independent parking lots, creating a consistent digital experience for event-goers.

Pavemint is excited to be the onsite parking provider for this year's ABC Kite Fest in Austin, Texas, one of the country's largest kite festivals and one of Austin's most iconic traditions.

Festival attendees can use the Pavemint app to reserve a parking space well in advance and enjoy the convenience of leaving home on the day knowing they have a vacant spot waiting for them.

Contact Pavemint today and let us help you give your customers an easy and headache-free parking experience.