How QR Codes Work In Parking

January 27, 2021

In this increasingly urbanized era, the demand for cars has shot through the roof. Everyone wants the convenience of going to work, running errands, or taking a short trip with their vehicle. However, this rising demand has brought a fair share of problems to urban communities.

Finding a suitable parking space in town is a key challenge for motorists. According to a recent report, drivers spend an average of 17 hours a year searching for parking spots. For parking providers, inefficient parking allocations and manual payment processes cause significant losses. 

Fortunately, emerging parking technologies promise solutions to many of these problems. 

Read on to find out how a hassle-free payment system with QR codes can make life easier for drivers and parking space vendors.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is the abbreviation of Quick Response code. It is a two-dimensional square grid made of different sized squares and rectangles and a white background. The grid stores unique information, which can be retrieved with imaging devices like smartphone cameras. 

To scan a QR code with your smartphone, all you need to do is open a scanning app, trigger the smartphone’s camera through the app, and place it towards the QR code. Some smartphones, including the iPhone, will even recognize a QR code automatically without the need for a scanning app. Once the code has been scanned, the phone decodes its horizontal and vertical patterns and converts them into characters. Depending on the command of those characters, your phone can open a browser link, verify geolocation, and even trigger bank transfers and payments.

Parking Payments with QR Codes

At a time when physical contact has drastically reduced, cashless payment systems have rendered positive results by promoting the health and safety of customers in numerous sectors. In parking, digital payments enable drivers to pay for their spaces conveniently without handling any cash and while minimizing person-to-person contact. 

QR codes are a staple in cashless parking systems that use smart parking software. If you are a parking service provider, you can use Pavemint to assign a digital QR code to your parking lot and have drivers scan it to initiate a payment process that books a space.

Upon payment completion, both the driver and the parking provider receive notifications that the booking has been made. The driver can get a reminder at the end of a parking session and decide to top-up and extend the duration directly from their mobile phone.

Benefits of using QR Code Payments for Parking

As enablers of digital parking systems, QR codes present significant benefits to drivers and parking vendors. 

For starters, QR codes make parking reservations and payments lighting fast compared to traditional cash-based systems. They dramatically minimize the time a motorist spends searching for an open spot and eliminate the hassle of looking for the right change to pay for parking. With Pavemint, drivers can quickly pay for parking at any Self Park-enabled lot right from their smartphone.

QR codes also contribute to cost efficiency in parking space management. As digital payment methods, they eliminate the need for people to handle payments and issue bookings. Furthermore, they minimize the costly errors that come with physical cash handling, such as accidental shortchanging and counterfeit currency usage.

Parking providers can boost their revenue by offering drivers the convenience of easy payments. By providing the convenience of booking a parking space and topping up their session remotely, and also removing the need for small, easily misplaced parking tickets, you can give your customers more reason to choose your parking lot over the competition. 

If you own or manage a parking space, implementing an automated payment system can reward you with actionable data and trends about your clients. Pavemint, for example, can offer you real-time data, which you can use to align your service to customer needs and preferences. 

Lastly, because remote parking payments with QR codes minimize the time drivers spend looking for parking spaces, they contribute to less traffic and pollution.

Embrace Digital Parking Payments Today

Digital payment solutions have proved their worth across numerous sectors, and they are here to stay. These systems present some remarkable opportunities for parking providers to streamline their services, reduce costs, and increase revenue. 

So, if you have not unlocked the power of automated payments, now is the time to take the dive. Otherwise, you may end up regretting it as drivers race past your lot for your more tech-savvy competitors. 

Join us in making parking smart.

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