Maintaining Social Distancing in Parking Lots

November 12, 2020

Over the last eight months, our day-to-day lives have changed a lot. Maintaining social distancing would have sounded like gibberish at this time last year. But now, everywhere we go floors are marked to remind us to keep a safe distance-- six feet or three meters-- from people nearby. As long as we stay vigilant, it's not too difficult to keep that distance when we queue up to enter the grocery store or grab a morning coffee. But sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are a little harder to gauge. Here are a few tips for maintaining social distancing in parking lots.

The days when you could walk down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles during the middle of the day are behind us. Now, it's better to plan your outings for lower-traffic times of day when possible, like the morning and early afternoon on weekdays.

A big part of maintaining social distance in parking lots is just staying aware of your surroundings. Skip that phone call and put off sending that text message until you're back in your car so you don't accidentally walk into someone else's air.

When you're outdoors or in your car, you may choose not to wear your mask. But in a parking lot, it's harder to tell when you'll be coming into close proximity with another person. Better to play it safe and keep your mask on the whole time.

Scan your surroundings and look around before you walk. Now more than ever it's important to slow down so that you and the people around you have the space necessary to get from one place to another easily.

Parking lots that offer pre-reserved parking or Self Park, like the Hollywood and Vine parking lot in Hollywood. With Self Park, you pay for parking through text message or by scanning a QR code so there's no grimy parking ticket machines or cash handoffs.

As the year goes on, one thing is certain: we have to stay vigilant and keep our social distancing practices up! We're in this together.

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