New Parking Search Features on Pavemint iOS

October 23, 2019

This week, Pavemint released an update to our iOS parking search design! The new look makes it easier than ever to select the times of your reservation, and also more intuitive to search for parking based on where you’re headed. We added a Nearby Events feature so you can book event parking seamlessly, and even find out about the cool stuff going on near you!

Here's a peek at the new look:

New Parking Search Layout

When you first tap the search bar, you'll see nearby venues, events, neighborhoods, airports, or beaches. If you tap Events Nearby, you'll see a list of upcoming events near you. Select the event you're attending, and we'll show you available parking near the venue during the time of your event. If you’d rather search by venue, tap Venues Nearby, and you'll see a list of events at just that venue. It's also easy to skip the events and go straight to the map. Who knows? Maybe you'll find out about an upcoming concert that you don't want to miss! 

Updated Time Picker

In this new update, you select the length of your reservation with a spinner wheel. Not only is the wheel faster than the old scroll method, but it’s also a lot more fun! The first rotation gives you 24 hours. The next rotation switches to long-term parking for up to 35 days. After that, it switches into months. It’s much quicker than having to spin multiple dials to find the exact time you need to park, but if you’re a fan of the old layout, don’t worry! You can still tap the times at the top and scroll. 

Intuitive Search Times

If you’re looking for parking near LAX, we know you’re probably parking for more than a couple of hours, so we set the wheel to default on daily parking rather than hourly. We’ve also updated this for event parking. Let's say you’re going to see Julia Michaels at the Fonda. We know you’re probably parking for the duration of the show, so we set the wheel to default your reservation to begin an hour before the concert and end an hour after. You can see the length of your event at the bottom of the screen or on the wheel in gold. All of our event information is imported through SeatGeek and is as accurate as possible. Finally, we’ve added a button to search for long-term parking to make it easier to find Hosts who can accommodate reservations lasting longer than 24 hours. 

Make sure you download the new update from the iOS store and check out the new design! And as always, send us your feedback through chat or at to let us know what you think.

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