The 10 Most Creative Notes Left Behind For Bad Parking

February 17, 2021

We've all seen it. A giant pickup truck crammed into a compact space. A Porsche parked diagonally across two spaces. Someone's bumper hanging two feet into your driveway. It's maddening. But have you ever been so fed up that you took your frustration to paper and left a note for the culprit? We found ten of the most creative notes people left behind for bad parking and gathered them here for your entertainment.

1. Lumbergh from Office Space will do the talking

We'll talk about the TPS reports later.

2. The summoning of the ferocious Potato Clan

It must have taken a lot of time and skill to create this art installation of hand-carved angry potatoes. File that under: sentences we never thought we'd write.

3. The Simpsons' Jasper Beardly and his wooden paddle

You better believe that's a paddlin'.

4. Those famous British manners

It's firm, but not rude. All they're asking for is some common decency!

5. The power of the formidable frown of Grumpy Cat

Just like the Hulk, you don't want to make Grumpy Cat angry. You won't like him when he's angry and apparently he'll tow your car too.

6. An award for a job poorly done

We assume this driver will frame their award straightaway and display it proudly on the mantle.

7. Invoking the power of the birds

The local pigeons must have had quite a feast that day.

8. Soften the blow with a cute dog

Do you think the person who left this note keeps a stack of these flyers on hand just in case?

9. Both insulting and fun at the same time

We hope the person who received this note took the turtle home and colored it in.

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