The Top 10 Features Customers Look For in a Parking Lot

October 28, 2020

Most of us expect our experience at a parking lot, whether it's a trip to the grocery store or a long-awaited event, to be a simple one. We don’t generally think about how the parking lot works or what makes it desirable. Instead, we often view it as a means to an end. Still, there are certain features that customers look for in a parking lot. And pinpointing what you can achieve as a lot operator is what will set your parking lot above the competition. 

1. Location or Proximity to Destination

This is always the first thing on the customer's mind when they are looking for a parking lot. Unfortunately, it's also completely out of your control. If your parking space is farther away from the customer's point of interest, you'll need to make up for it in other features or in price. 

2. Attendant or Valet Presence

Some customers will prefer a valet, while others will prefer to park their car themselves. Either way, an attendant on staff makes the driver feel like their car will be kept safe while they're gone. 

3. Covered or Uncovered

Many drivers will pay more for a parking space in a covered garage to protect their cars and themselves from the elements. The summer sun has damaged many paint jobs. And when it's raining, parking in a garage provides a welcome shelter from the downpour. 

4. Cleanliness

Nobody expects to be able to eat off the floor of their parking space, but litter and bad smells are sure ways to scare off a customer. Facilitating a daily or weekly trash clean up and hosing down the pavement on a regular basis should be enough to keep your lot clean. 

5. Lighting

If drivers use your parking lot in the evening, whether or not you have sufficient lighting could be what sets your lot apart. Even if drivers generally enter during the day, if they leave after dark and don't feel comfortable, they likely will park elsewhere the next time they visit. 

6. Wayfinding and Signage

When two parking lots are nearby each other with comparable prices and amenities, the choice often comes down to which lot has a shorter line and how clear the sign is. A well-planned entrance and exit will reduce bottlenecks and a bright, clean, and inviting sign signals to drivers that your lot is a good value.

7. Amenities

Charging stations are often the deciding factor for EV drivers when choosing their parking space. Other amenities like elevators, paved walkways, public restrooms, and ATMs bring a customer back to park a second time. 

8. Picture Quality

For parking lots that are reservable online, an accurate and inviting photo is the first point of reference a potential customer has. Not only will it attract a first-time customer, but it can also help foster a lasting relationship. 

9. Past Reviews

When a driver uses a parking lot on the Pavemint platform, they're asked to rate their experience on a scale from one to five stars. Lots with a 4+ star rating are more likely to be reserved by both new and returning customers. So it's important to provide a 5-star experience every time. 

10. Price

At the end of the day, price and location are the two main features customers look for in a parking lot. And it's not just about being the cheapest. It's important to be the best value. Pavemint's Parking Quality Score equation takes into account all the different amenities and features of your parking lot, then assigns a smart price. 

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