Rent Out Your Parking
With Pavemint

Earn money when you share your business parking

Outside of your hours of operation, do your parking spaces ever sit empty? If you have a business in a neighborhood with limited parking, you can open that space up to local drivers with Pavemint. Apply today to rent out your parking spaces and add a new form of revenue to your business.


Listing your parking lot or garage takes minutes

With Pavemint’s user-friendly web dashboard and knowledgable Customer Success team, creating your listing is fast and easy. Once your spaces are approved, you can start earning instantly.


Fully customizable calendar and schedule

Manage the availability of your listings from your phone or desktop. Set different prices for evenings or special events, and keep your spaces private when you need them for employees and customers.


New revenue streams with minimal work

The money you earn from Hosting on Pavemint is deposited directly into your bank account. Keep track of your earnings in our dashboard and discover how easy it is to monetize your parking.