Rent your Driveway
With Pavemint

Get paid to share your parking space
You know you can share your home when you aren’t using it. Why not share your parking space, too? Apply today to rent out your driveway or designated parking space with Pavemint and start making extra income! Apply Now
Apply to list your space in minutes

The Pavemint app and web dashboard make listing fast and easy. Just answer a few questions about your parking space and apply. Once approved, you can start making money.

Flexible scheduling to fit your lifestyle

Manage listings from your phone or computer, and update availability with the swipe of your finger. With Pavemint’s powerful scheduling tools, you have complete flexibility.

Earn extra cash without extra work

Without lifting more than a finger, you can now monetize your underused parking spaces, and the money goes straight into your Venmo or bank account.