Pavemint in the Press

The Silicon Review

Parking management made easier and greener: Pavemint, with its cutting edge technology, offers a robust suite of parking tools to streamline your parking operations.


In addition to marketplace services that allow online parking reservations, Pavemint offers an extensive suite of software and consulting tools. With design-focused customizable products, their services cater to businesses within all kinds of industries, including hotels, event venues, city governments, universities, and of course, parking operators.

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CIO Applications

Pavemint: Redefining Parking Management


Spearheading the parking management industry in this endeavor with its effective parking management software is an LA-based software development company Pavemint. In addition to their peer-to-peer marketplace platform that connects drivers with open parking spaces, Pavemint provides a fully customizable suite of software and consulting tools to create tech-forward parking solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

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Yahoo! Finance

38 Ways to Earn Extra Cash With a Cool Side Hustle


What a home is to Airbnb a home's driveway is to Pavemint, an online and app resource to make money off your driveway. How? Rent it out. Pavemint is a peer-to-peer app that connects parking-space owners with parking-space seekers. Granted, this is probably more for big-city dwellers than small-town America, but many of us who have driven in or live in D.C., San Francisco, or New York City may find Pavemint a blessing.

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Investor Place

A Less Costly Way to Invest in Real Estate


Pavemint allows parking spot owners to rent out their spaces without lifting a finger. The app does it all, and the cash goes right into your Venmo or bank account.

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Million Acres

Airbnb Alternatives: Where to Make More Money Off Your Short-term Rental or Vacation Home


Do you have extra room in the driveway, shed, attic, or closets? Monetize it. Tools like Neighbor and StoreWithMe let you rent out spare storage space, while Pavemint is a good option for renting extra parking spots.

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The Motley Fool

4 Ways to Ensure You Won't Run Out of Money in Retirement


If you have a car, you can pick up a side gig driving for Uber or Lyft. You could also rent your driveway on Pavemint or your garage on Store At My House. You can even rent out your camera, bicycle, and other random items on Fat Llama.

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Meet The Quiver - The Airbnb Of Surfboard Rentals


What was once called the “sharing economy” has evolved into the “rental economy,” in which marketplaces allow consumers to rent their property when it’s not in use. For instance, Pavemint allows you to rent someone’s driveway, while EVmatch allows you to charge your e-car at someone’s home charger.

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The Future Of Stuff Is Shared Or Rented


Think of it as Airbnb for parking spaces. Companies like Pavemint help customers search for parking spaces to rent in busy cities, where parking is a hot commodity. People with an extra parking space can list it on the site and then rent it out on a daily or weekly basis. It’s a win-win for both sides of users as the parking spot “landlord” earns money for their extra space and the “tenant” can easily find parking.

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Community-focused app wants homes to double as third places


In the sharing economy, it seems everything and every space can be monetized. Homeowners can turn an empty room into a profitable storage space (Neighbor) and even sell their unused driveway to someone looking for a parking space (Pavemint).

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8 Ways to Turn Your Stuff Into Extra Cash


If you have a garage, driveway, or dedicated parking space, and live in a densely populated urban area or near a stadium, restaurant, or airport, you may be able to rent your parking space out. Pavemint allows you to list your parking spot on their site for pay.

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11 Top Side Jobs to Earn Extra Money


If parking in your neighborhood is difficult and you have a space that somebody else might want, guess what. You can make money with that space by renting it out with Pavemint. Just download the app, list your space, and start making some extra cash.

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Thrive Global

Sharing is caring, and profitable


Pavemint allows those with parking spaces to lease them out short- or long-term. In Los Angeles, where the company recently launched, already more than 4,000 hosts have signed up to loan out their driveways and unused office building parking lots. Besides bringing in a little spending money to the hosts, utilizing empty parking spots and offering guaranteed parking to visitors has helped boost business in city neighborhoods, like Hollywood, where safe parking – or any parking — is scarce.

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