Self Park

Contactless payments and parking without an attendant
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Discover how easy managing parking passes can be.

Entirely contactless parking experience

With the world changing rapidly, customers want a safer parking experience. Pavemint’s Self Park functionality allows drivers to scan a QR code or text in a unique code to pay for their parking. All you need to do is put up a sign on your lot, and now your guests can digitally pay for their parking.

The simplicity of Self Park allows you to bring any lot you currently manage into the digital payments world overnight. You also can save money by reducing staff and improve transparency on lot activity.

Contactless Payments
Contactless Payments
Allow customers to scan a QR code or text to get a link sent to them to pay on their phone
  • Apple Pay Supported
  • Pay by Credit Card by Phone
  • No app required
Cashless Environment
Cashless Environment
Transform cash only lots into locations that can handle more payment formats and even eliminate cash entirely.
Any Lot, Any Time
Any Lot, Any Time
All that’s needed is to put up a sign; no electronics or complex set up is needed to transform your lot to allow digital payments.
Better Lot Insights
Better Lot Insights
Transform lots into data collecting tools tracking parking times, vehicles, and more.
  • Real-time lot enforcement
  • Increase visibility on parking behavior
  • Understand parking behaviors

Reduce staffing needs and offer digital payment options with Pavemint's Self Park tool.

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Scan to Pay

Drivers can scan a QR code posted on your lot and pay in seconds. No app required.

Text to Pay

Drivers can text in a code and get a link back in seconds to pay for their parking.

Digital Payment Methods

Instantly transform a cash only lot to accept Apple Pay and major credit cards.

Transform your parking lot to allow contactless and cashless payments overnight.

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