Valet Management

Save money on valet operations and improve the parking experience

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Valet lot performance report on computer and phone

SMS car retrieval, license plate scanning, cashless payments, and vehicle tracking

When guests and customers arrive at a location, whether it’s a hotel, event venue, restaurant, or something else, their first and last impressions usually happen with the valet. That’s why it’s so important to make these interactions as quick and easy as possible. No one likes long wait times, lost valet tickets, damaged property, and cash-only service. Now, more than ever before, customers expect an instant, cashless experience—and they want it on their phone.

With Pavemint’s Valet Management software, you can give your customers the elite experience they desire and minimize the liabilities that come with running a valet operation. Keep track of your team members and inventory flow with the easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, offer a frictionless customer experience with paperless ticketing, SMS retrieval, and license plate scanning—all on any mobile device with no app required.

Parking attendant tools on a phone

Quick and easy check-in

Tech-forward valet gives drivers an elite experience.

  • License plate scanning
  • Phone number check-in
  • Search by license plate

Frictionless check-out

Drivers avoid waiting in line by requesting their car with a text.

  • Easy SMS requests
  • Secure payments from their phone
  • Car retrieval updates

Go completely paperless

Valets enter details about the car’s condition, location, and identifying features.

  • Record damage notes
  • Edit location of keys and stalls
  • Time record of changes

Customize hours and rates

Rates and hours can be adjusted to meet customer demand so you earn more when your parking is worth more.

  • Flat, variable, or mixed rates
  • Upload custom calendars
  • Easily adjust for special events

Save money and improve the parking experience with Pavemint's Valet Management software.

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99% attendant license plate scanning

License Plate Scanning

Check cars in and capture vehicle plate number, color, and manufacturer with 98% accuracy. Use the search feature to access plate recognition for a faster check-out.

SMS Retrieval Requests

Drivers request their car with their phone, automatically alerting valets on duty. Vehicle tracking notifications keep drivers updated minimizing wait times and preventing bottlenecks.

Automated text message updates for customers
A car moves along a route to a pin

Vehicle Tracking

Track the vehicle journey from check-in to check-out. Add information about the vehicle, including damage notes, and manually edit updates to key and parking stall locations.

Drive-Up or Pre-Booked Reservations

Give customers the option to drive up and park on demand or pre-book and pay in advance.

QR codes on the customers phone open gates
Adjust the price of parking with a few clicks

Dynamic Pricing

Set flexible pricing based on parking start time, length of stay, and customer demand.

Paper Valet Tickets

Continue using paper tickets and ease into the digital system. Lost tickets and car key mix-ups are problems of the past.

Paper tickets have QR codes

Create a premium valet experience for your customers.

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