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Route planning and scannable parking passes on a computer or laptop

Safer, greener, and more connected

Forward-thinking cities, large and small, are working with independent businesses and residents to make their communities smarter. And even as citizens move away from individual car ownership, parking remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Every time we circle the block looking for parking, every time we idle waiting for another car to exit, we add CO2 to the air and traffic to the streets. By collaborating with Pavemint to design smarter mobility solutions, cities can work toward making neighborhoods safer, greener, more accessible, and better-connected.

Data about mobility

When making decisions about the mobility infrastructure of your community, a strong data foundation is crucial. With Pavemint’s dashboard, you can visualize that data, plus use our predictive analytics to plan for the future.

Digital parking passes

Hangtags, paper tickets, and validation machines aren’t necessary to keep track of who has paid for parking in a city lot. Use Pavemint to offer pre-booked, self-serve, and validated parking passes to city employees or local drivers.

Parking connections

Throughout most cities, there are areas where parking is scarce and other areas where parking is abundant. Our team of consultants will help you forge relationships with private businesses to supplement or monetize your city parking.

Marketplace Access

Pavemint’s online marketplace makes it easy to sell city parking and empower local businesses to open up their own private spaces to local drivers. Parking can be sold by the hour, day, or even long-term on a secure and customizable platform.

Parking operator tools

Whether you’re operating a city lot with valet or you just need a reliable way to track staff activity and parking events, Pavemint has an intuitive interface to manage your parking lot. Offer ticketless valet, SMS car retrievals, and much more.

Transaction tracking

Residents in cities across the country expect to pay without cash. With Pavemint, you can track all transactions in one single platform. Plus drivers pay their way, whether that’s by card, digital wallet, invoice, or even cash.

Empower local business and build a more connected city with Pavemint.

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Make parking easier

Make parking easier

  • On-demand parking passes
  • Multiple payment options
  • Digital license plate scanning
  • Pre-reserved parking
Forge new partnerships

Forge new partnerships

  • Dedicated consultants
  • Warmer introductions
  • Easy-to-integrate software
  • Local business connections
Harness the power of data

Harness the power of data

  • Visualized traffic patterns
  • Transaction management
  • Revenue and expense tracking
  • Real-time updates
Solve mobility problems

Solve mobility problems

  • Increased parking inventory
  • Public transportation route planning
  • Limit needs for new infrastructure
  • Reduce traffic with reserved parking

Find mobility solutions with Pavemint.

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Products and Services

Valet Management

Save money on valet operations while improving your guests’ parking experience.

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Data Reporting

Understand your guests and employees to make informed business decisions.

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Payment Services

Offer guests a cashless experience with options including SMS, Apple Pay, and more.

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Parking Passes

Simplify management and give customers an easy way to validate, transfer, and pay for parking.

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Parking Marketplace

Collect revenue in advance by pre-selling your parking in the Pavemint marketplace.

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Satellite Parking

Secure more parking without the cost burden of building new structures.

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