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Parking passes with scannable QR codes work for phones and paper tickets

Set your space apart from the competition

Ever since Brad Neuberg set up some card tables to create the first official “coworking” space in San Francisco in 2005, the concept of shared or collaborative workspace has spread throughout the world. Today many young businesses are fostered in shared workspaces, some growing into tech behemoths like Instagram, Spotify, and Uber.

But running a coworking space is much more than bright ideas and kombucha on tap. Pavemint’s parking management software can provide a solution that works for your members and sets you apart from the competition.

Capacity indicators and revenue information

Ticketless valet

The first experience for many of your prospective members will be parking. With Pavemint’s Valet Management software, you can offer ticketless valet, SMS car retrievals, and much more.

Digital parking passes

Hangtags and validation machines aren’t necessary to keep track of who has paid for parking. Use Pavemint to offer pre-booked, self-serve, auto-renewed, and validated parking passes to members and their guests.

Supplemental parking

Does your building need more parking? Pavemint’s team of consultants will help you discover nearby satellite parking opportunities. Enjoy warmer introductions, help with negotiations, and one-on-one consulting.

Data and analytics

When making business decisions about staffing, pricing, and amenities, a strong data foundation is crucial. With Pavemint’s dashboard, you can visualize your data, plus use our accounting tools and predictive analytics to plan for special events and holidays.

Cashless payments

Members and guests expect to pay for everything without cash, including parking. With transaction tracking, you can hold staff accountable. Plus let people pay their way, whether that’s by card, digital wallet, or invoice.

Marketplace access

Do you have more parking than you need? With Pavemint, you can sell your parking to local drivers by the hour, day, or even long-term. Fully customize your schedule, adjust your rates, and monetize your parking.

Save money and make parking better for your members and guests with Pavemint.

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Simplify your operations

Simplify your operations

  • Easy-to-create parking passes
  • Multiple payment options
  • Digital license plate scanning
  • Monthly parking auto-renew
Offer members an elite experience

Offer members an elite experience

  • SMS valet car retrieval
  • Shorter wait times
  • ETAs for car arrival
  • Charge parking to accounts
Make smart business decisions

Make smart business decisions

  • Staff according to demand
  • Understand guest patterns
  • Manage revenue and expenses
  • Real-time updates
Improve your bottom line

Improve your bottom line

  • Monetize excess parking inventory
  • Secure additional parking
  • Track employee performance
  • Data forecasting for better analytics

Create an elite member experience for less.

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Products and Services

Valet Management

Save money on valet operations while improving your guests’ parking experience.

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Data Reporting

Understand your guests and employees to make informed business decisions.

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Payment Services

Offer guests a cashless experience with options including SMS, Apple Pay, and more.

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Parking Passes

Simplify management and give customers an easy way to validate, transfer, and pay for parking.

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Parking Marketplace

Collect revenue in advance by pre-selling your parking in the Pavemint marketplace.

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Satellite Parking

Secure more parking without the cost burden of building new structures.

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