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Offer your guests a superior parking experience

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QR codes can be scanned by phone or paper ticket and fees can be charges to a guests room

A parking experience that keeps your customers coming back for more

Customer satisfaction: whatever the shape or size of your hospitality business, customer satisfaction is the goal. Whether you run a boutique hotel in your hometown, a family restaurant, or a nationwide franchise, chances are you experience issues related to parking. Pavemint’s parking management software gives you the tools you need to solve your trickiest parking problems. Our specialized parking consultants will create a custom software solution that empowers you to deliver a premium experience that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Valet performance metrics and lot capacity and revenue

Tech-forward valet

The first experience many of your guests will have with your business is parking. Ticketless valet and SMS car retrievals allow your guests to request their car from the comfort of their room or table.

Easy-to-read data

When making business decisions about staffing, pricing, and amenities, a strong data foundation is crucial. With Pavemint’s dashboard, you can visualize your data, plus use our accounting tools and predictive analytics to plan for the future.

Cashless payments

Guests, patrons, and diners expect the freedom to pay without cash. Customers can charge parking to their room or pay by credit card, digital wallet, invoice, or even cash. Plus, you can offer digital validation to cover all or part of their parking cost.

Digital parking passes

Hangtags and validation machines aren’t necessary to keep track of who has paid for parking. Use Pavemint to offer pre-booked, self-serve, and validated parking passes to guests, linked to license plate, phone number, or room number.

Marketplace access

Do you have more parking than you need? With Pavemint, you can sell your parking to local drivers by the hour, day, or even long-term. Fully customize your schedule, adjust your rates, and monetize your parking.

Parking procurement

Do you need more parking for your guests? Pavemint’s team of consultants will help you discover nearby satellite parking opportunities. Enjoy warmer introductions, help with negotiations, and one-on-one consulting.

Offer your guests an elite parking experience with Pavemint.

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Simplify your operations

Simplify your operations

  • Easy-to-create parking passes
  • Multiple guest payment options
  • Digital license plate scanning
  • Pre-reserved parking
Offer guests an elite experience

Offer guests an elite experience

  • SMS valet car retrieval
  • Shorter wait times
  • ETAs for car arrival
  • Charge parking to rooms
Make smart business decisions

Make smart business decisions

  • Staff according to demand
  • Understand guest patterns
  • Manage revenue and expenses
  • Real-time updates
Improve your bottom line

Improve your bottom line

  • Monetize excess parking inventory
  • Secure additional parking
  • Track employee performance
  • Avoid paper valet tickets

Save money and make parking better for your guests with Pavemint.

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Products and Services

Valet Management

Save money on valet operations while improving your guests’ parking experience.

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Data Reporting

Understand your guests and employees to make informed business decisions.

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Payment Services

Offer guests a cashless experience with options including SMS, Apple Pay, and more.

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Parking Passes

Simplify management and give customers an easy way to validate, transfer, and pay for parking.

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Parking Marketplace

Collect revenue in advance by pre-selling your parking in the Pavemint marketplace.

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Satellite Parking

Secure more parking without the cost burden of building new structures.

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