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Save money and streamline operations

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The parking operator dashboard shows payment info, parking event details, and lot capacity on a phone or computer

Staff accountability, increased revenue, and a better bottom line

As travel technology soars into the future, there’s no reason why parking operators should be left behind. With the right software integrations, any parking lot can lead the charge, accepting all forms of digital payments, enabling advanced reservations, opening up partnership opportunities, and more.

Whether you manage one parking lot or fifty, Pavemint’s parking management software will improve your operations, increase your revenue, and enhance your bottom line, propelling your business into the future.

Valet and attendant tools

As a parking operator, the businesses you service count on a safe and easy experience. Pavemint gives you the ability to streamline service and monitor staff while offering ticketless valet, SMS car retrievals, and much more.

Digital parking passes

You don’t need hangtags, paper tickets, and validation machines to keep track of who has paid for parking. Use Pavemint to offer pre-booked, self-serve, and validated parking to drivers linked to their license plate, phone number, or name. Plus, continue to accommodate traditional paper methods.

Parking marketplace access

List your parking online in the Pavemint marketplace and sell space to drivers by the hour, day, or even long-term. Your schedule and rates are completely customizable. With gate integrations and reservations, you’ll reach capacity more often.

Data and analytics

When making decisions about staffing and pricing, a strong data foundation is crucial. Use Pavemint’s dashboard to visualize data, manage costs and revenue, and use predictive analytics to plan for the future.

Payment services

Drivers expect the ability to pay for parking without cash. With transaction tracking, you can hold your staff accountable for payments collected, and let your customers pay their way, whether that’s by card, digital wallet, or even cash.

Private partnerships

If you have a parking lot that isn’t being filled regularly, Pavemint’s team of consultants will help you discover nearby businesses who are in need. We offer warmer introductions, help with negotiations, and one-on-one consulting.

Save money and offer a better parking experience with Pavemint.

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Simplify your operations

Simplify your operations

  • One platform for parking passes
  • Short and long-term parking
  • Auto-renew capabilities
  • Digital license plate scanning
Monitor staff performance

Monitor staff performance

  • Average car retrieval times
  • Shift planning and reporting
  • Record damage notes digitally
  • Employee accountability
Make smart business decisions

Make smart business decisions

  • Staff according to demand
  • Understand guest patterns
  • Manage revenue and expenses
  • Real-time updates
Improve your bottom line

Improve your bottom line

  • Detailed lot reports and forecasting
  • Reach capacity more often
  • Parking reservations limit bottlenecks
  • Accept all payment methods

Save money and increase revenue with Pavemint.

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Products and Services

Valet Management

Save money on valet operations while improving your guests’ parking experience.

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Data Reporting

Understand your guests and employees to make informed business decisions.

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Payment Services

Offer guests a cashless experience with options including SMS, Apple Pay, and more.

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Parking Passes

Simplify management and give customers an easy way to validate, transfer, and pay for parking.

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Parking Marketplace

Collect revenue in advance by pre-selling your parking in the Pavemint marketplace.

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Satellite Parking

Secure more parking without the cost burden of building new structures.

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